Links and Resources

Federal Govt Problem Gambling Site

A Federal Government site for Problem Gambling featuring Gabriela’s story in her own words

Help for Families of Gambling Addicts

A Blog for families of Gambling Addicts

Gambling Reform and Problem Gambling Awareness

This site is a great resource for many who are affected by Problem Gambling.  Tom Cummings writes about the gambling industry , problem gambling and the need for real gambling reform.

Integrated Learning
The mental strategies offered in the “Free Yourself Program” are based on the work of Integrated Learning and Peter Dawson with Freestyle NLP.

Pokies Act
Paul Bendat founded PokieAct and PokieWatch to help minimise the harm caused by Pokies by keeping kids out of gaming venues. and

Gamblers Help Eastern
Support through counselling for people affected by their own or other’s gambling

Gambling Hangover

A NSW website providing free help for problem gamblers and their families

Gamblers Impact Society NSW
is a not-for-profit organisation that represents the interests of problem gamblers and their families in NSW.

Female Gamblers Info
is a US site that provides news and support for female gamblers in recovery.

Auto Exclude
This is Auto Exclude a service for Problem Gamblers to gain an extra option to cut out your online problem gambling via the Self Exclusion service offered by most online Bookmakers, Casino, Bingo and Poker websites.

Gamblers Anonymous (GA)
provides help for people through attendance at GA meetings

Getting Past Gambling

An Online support board for gamblers seeking help in overcoming a gambling problem/addiction.

Quit Gambling Information

A Canadian site with lots of useful information on overcoming a gambling problem/addiction.

Other Gambling Resources

A list of the top sites for gamblers seeking help in overcoming a gambling problem/