Free Yourself Program

The Free Yourself Program

The “Free Yourself Program” (FYP) is a positive, holistic, pro-active and very effective intervention to help people to tackle their Gambling Addiction.  It was originally developed to deal with a Poker Machine Addiction but has also been effective in addressing some other types of addiction as well.  It represents a much-needed “new model” of gambling addiction therapy where the main responsibility is given back to the person directly affected by the addiction. It helps the person to pro-actively work on changing their “attitude” and their “behaviour”.  Most importantly, it provides strategies that people can use “in the moment” when the urge to go gambling threatens to become overpowering.

One of the major strategies taught in the program is to learn to become aware of the “split” that occurs when a person is in the grip of the “gambling addiction”.   One part wants to give up the behaviour while the other part wants to continue the behaviour and they keep fighting until the one that shouldn’t win, wins.  The “Free Yourself Program” provides simple strategies to help the non-gambling part to conquer the gambling  part.

The “Free Yourself Program” places a lot of emphasis on how to win the internal war that takes place before the person engages in the gambling behaviour.  The use of specific language patterns helps the person to take back control of the part that doesn’t want to stop gambling. This focus on “self-talk” and other hands-on strategies taught in the Free Yourself Program are based on Neuro Linguistic Programming strategies as taught by Integrated Learning.

The Free Yourself Program also incorporates the positive effects of diet, exercise and meditation or prayer, as well as exercises to strengthen the “will-power muscle“.

The “Free Yourself Program” is about behaviour management which shifts the focus from “not to gamble” to “what I can do” that “I don’t need to or want to gamble“.

Quote from Prof. Alun Jackson (Head of School for Social Work and Director of the Problem Gambling Research Program, University of Melbourne) about the “Free Yourself Program”:
“Evidence shows that you need to do two things to be successful in gambling counselling.  You need to work on the attitude to the gambling behaviour and you need to work on the behaviour itself.  This program does both.”