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The Free Yourself Program (FYP) was designed by Gabriela Byrne, an ex-problem-gambler, to provide help and hope to those fighting a poker machine gambling addiction and to their loved ones.

It is a clear and simple self-help guide that teaches hands-on strategies on how to escape the GAMBLING TRAP!

The Free Yourself Program is a positive, holistic, pro-active and very effective approach to help people to deal with their Gambling Addiction. It represents a much-needed “new model” of gambling addiction intervention. The main responsibility is given back to the person directly affected by the addiction to work on changing their “attitude” and their “behaviour”.

Most importantly, it provides strategies that people can use “in the moment” when the urge to go gambling threatens to become overpowering. People weren’t born addicted, but became so over time. By using FYP strategies the addiction process can be reversed and eliminated.

Quote by Rev. Tim Costello: “The Free Yourself Program is a fresh, positive approach in dealing with gambling addiction.”