Free Yourself Program from Gambling Addiction

The back-to-basics approach in dealing with Gambling addiction

This book will inspire you to fight the GAMBLING BEAST and help you to create a new pathway in your brain – like finding the exit from the ‘gambling addiction freeway’ or strategies that prevent you from getting onto the freeway in the first place.

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Have you ever heard the copies sold expression ‘The healing power of stories’?

Besides losing a lot of money, I lost most of my friends and nearly ruined my marriage. Many times I contemplated suicide as the only way out.

All I wanted to hear back then was the story of somebody, anybody, who had been where I was and had survived. Somebody who had managed to kick the addiction and was able to live a normal, happy and healthy life.

So here it is: my story, how I got hooked, the  consequences of my addiction and the journey out.

In this book I will tell you how, after trying unsuccessfully to break up my ‘hot passionate love-affair’ with the poker machine by using conventional therapy methods, I developed my own way.

I studied a form of applied psychology (NLP) which enabled me to ‘talk to the gambling beast’, tell it ‘to get lost’ and to proactively fight the URGE to gamble.

I also explored the impact of diet and exercise to fight this addiction. It does make sense, doesn’t it, that when you feel better, you are able to talk to the beast better?

So by reading my story and using the strategies of the Free Yourself Program that helped me and hundreds of others over the years, you will be able to experience for yourself, the power of ‘doing something yourself’ to get you out of this misery.

I hope that you enjoy the journey OUT OF THE GAMBLING TRAP!

A word from the Author

Enjoy the journey out of the gambling trap

"A fresh, positive approach in dealing with gambling addiction"
Rev Tim Costello
Spokesperson for the Alliance for Gambling Reform

My love affair with the pokies.

The story of a problem gambler

Gabriela’s life as a responsible mother, wife, colleague and friend was irrevocably changed within five weeks of feeding her first coin into a poker machine. It was to set her on a four year destructive love affair that came dangerously close to tearing apart everything – and everyone — she cared for. This is her story.

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E-book $10.  Paperback $20 + $5 postage.